Icare ic200 Tonometer


Icare ic200 Tonometer

– Icare ic200 tonometer
– 4 x AA batteries
– Aluminum case
– IOP pad
– Probe base cover
– Quick guide
– Screw driver
– Silicone grip
– Spare probe base
– Instruction manual

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Icare ic200 Tonometer

iCare IC200 is the most versatile tonometer in iCare’s product portfolio. This flagship device is designed for professional use in the clinic as well as in eye surgery and emergency rooms. With 200 degrees of positional freedom, it can measure intraocular pressure (IOP) whether the patient is standing, sitting, elevated or in a supine position.

Extensive flexibility in positioning is especially useful in clinical, surgical or emergency settings when the patient’s eye pressure needs to be measured regardless of the patient’s position.

The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use. The new premium design and user interface bring IOP measuring to a new level.

The Icare ic200 tonometer is designed for professional use in the surgical operation room and emergency room as well as the clinic. The ic200 is fully portable, requires no anesthesia and its freedom of positioning allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, standing, half-sitting or in the supine or lateral recumbent position.

A high-visibility indicator at the probe base confirms your positioning of the tonometer prior to measurement. A green light indicates measurement will be reliable, a red light indicates incorrect positioning.

– Effortless probe loading with the same probe as for the Icare TA01i and ic100 tonometers
– The probe can’t accidentally drop from the device
– Easy menu in many languages
– Wireless (Bluetooth) printing and measurement transfer

– Dimensions : 43mm[W] x 104mm[H] x 214mm[L]
– Weight : 165 g (without batteries), 260 g (with 4 x AA batteries)
– Power supply : 4 x AA non-rechargeable batteries, 1.5V alkaline LR6
– Measurement range : 7 – 50 mmHg
– Accuracy : ±1.2 mmHg (≤20 mmHg) and
: ±2.2 mmHg (>20 mmHg)
– Repeatability (coefficient of variation) : <8%


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Icare ic200 TonometerIcare ic200 Tonometer
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